Drink Less. Live More.

By taking an extended break from drinking,
you’ll set a course to restore your health and
get smarter with your drinking for good.

Welcome to the party, dude.

Stop Being Bamboozled

Reset Your Brain and Body

Drink Less Long-Term

Deep down, we all know recreational drinking isn’t that healthy.

But what to do about it? That’s always been the million-dollar question.

Wanting to get smarter with your drinking can make you feel like you’re out in no-man’s land.

You know you don’t want to swear off drinking for good. But you also know you don’t need to go to AA or rehab.

Unfortunately, though, what most guys do next just keeps them stuck:

“Cutting back” works about as well as pissing into the wind.

Dry January gets you right back to where you started come February.

Doing nothing sets you up for becoming besties with your doc and pharmacist.

Yikes, bro. Maybe it’s time for a different approach.

Taking a Vacation isn’t a buzzkill.

It’s more like getting your superpowers back.

When you take an extended break from drinking — we call it a Booze Vacation — here are a few big things you can expect:


Enjoy Better Health

You’ll look and feel better than you have in years. The ladies will love it, and you will, too.


Have More Fun

Drinking keeps you stuck in a rut, but a Vacation opens up a world of massive opportunities.


Rock Your Life

Play harder. Have more money. Kill it at work. Have better sex. (Yep, that’s right.)

A note from our founder

(Temporarily) give up the bottle and get more out of life

Hey, man. I’m Clifford, founder of Booze Vacation.

I’m a dude who likes a cold one as much as the next guy.

But when I realized in my 40s that my semi-responsible drinking was bamboozling me out of kicking ass and feeling great, I wasn’t cool with it.

So I did something unhinged. I took a one-year vacation from booze.

Over the course of those twelve months, I experienced such massive benefits, my buddies started to take note. Some of them even took their own breaks. When they did, they found their life rocked more, too..

Not wanting to keep this fountain of youth (and fun) a secret, I started Booze Vacation. Since then, we’ve been talking some sh*t about booze…and helping the dudes who have the balls to take a 3, 6, or 12-month break absolutely rock it.

Those that do are rapidly upgrading their health and performance. Big time.

Backed by cutting-edge science

100% bro-tested solutions

No lifetime declarations required

Guys dig how it feels to be on Vacation

All of my evening activities seemed to center around booze. On my Booze Vacation, I realized that it’s not the booze that makes those events fun.

Rob, age 49

I didn’t realize how much ‘regular responsible drinking’ had affected my energy and performance levels until I took my Booze Vacation. I’m so glad I did.

Scott, age 39

How to Take Your Vacation & Win Big

When you start your 3, 6, or 12 month break, you’ll have three mission-critical objectives:

#1: Take an extended break from drinking.

Science is showing it takes 2-6+ months completely off the sauce for your brain and body to reset after years of recreational drinking. That’s why things like cutting back and Dry January never really work to change your drinking or health long-term..

#2: Upgrade your life
as much as possible.

Without alcohol screwing up your physiology, you’ll quickly get the momentum you need to start crushing your goals. With better sleep, less stress, and more testosterone pumping through your veins, you’ll be feeling and acting like a new man — fast.

#3: Have as much fun as humanly possible.

Let’s be real, regular drinking eventually starts to feel like reheating the same ol’ soup. Boring. But when you’re on Vacation, you’re going to be stoked about all the extra time, energy, and money you’ll have to pursue old passions and go on new adventures.

Take a break. Upgrade your life. Have a blast.

A Booze Vacation is as simple as that.

Going on a Booze Vacation jump started a bigger focus on health for me. I started watching my eating and lost a fair amount of weight. I was feeling so good, I went and hired a personal trainer for the first time since college.

A little over a year later, I’m working out 4 days a week and am down 65 pounds. I feel stronger, clearer headed, and more balanced. When my last round of bloodwork came in, even my doctor was surprised to see all of my numbers in the normal level without taking any medication.

Jason, age 52

Once you start, we’ve got your back.

Don’t worry. We’re not going to let you get lost at sea.

Here’s what’s coming your way when you sign up:


A 1:1 Call with Clifford

As you set sail, there’s no better way to get your sea legs than to talk to the guy who started this thing.


The Vacationer’s Playbook

This handy PDF is a quick read and will help you make sure you get the most out of your break.


Exclusive Vacation Emails

We’ll guide you through taking your break from start to finish so you can crush it with swagger.


Optional VIP-level Status

Get swag, resources, and street cred when you take Booze Vacation to your buddies…or the masses.

Taking Action Here is a Big Friggin’ Deal

Hate to break it to you, but the claims that moderate drinking is healthy are, sadly, 100% horse shit.

Science is now showing that having a couple drinks or more per week will:


Shrink your brain


Torch gut bacteria and promote a leaky gut


Elevate stress hormones and lower your mood


Reduce testosterone, libido, and drive


Cause chronic inflammation


Increase your risk of cardiac events, diabetes and cancer

Not ready for a Vacation yet?

We get it.

But don’t kick the beer can down the road.

Still do something today to get smarter with you and booze.

Some Frequently Slurred Asked Questions


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Who is Booze Vacation for?

Booze Vacation is for guys who drink regularly but see the benefit of getting smarter with their drinking long-term.

It’s especially powerful for guys in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who want to improve their personal and professional performance—and avoid chronic health issues before it’s too late.

(Note: We’re not for alcoholics. If you need to go to AA or get professional help, please do so.)

What are some signs I need a Vacation?

Recreational drinking affects your body in interconnected ways, so if you’re drinking regularly and experiencing at least a couple of these things, taking a Vacation will help a lot:

  • You’re overweight
  • Aches and pains are popping up
  • You get bad blood work back
  • Regularly feel moderate to high stress
  • Poor sleep
  • Low energy
  • Drink lots of coffee
  • Looking and feeling your age
  • You’re on prescriptions
  • Your fitness and strength is starting to dip,
  • Beer belly
  • Man boobs
  • B*ner problems
  • Bad or puffy skin…

just to name a few 😉

Why can’t I just cut back and work out more?

Cutting back just doesn’t cut it. Even if you are drinking a bit less, regular drinking will still be negatively affecting your sleep, energy, performance, stress, and testosterone levels.

Worse, working out more won’t do anything to alter how alcohol screws with your physiology. Until you take a Vacation and reset your system, it’s going to be very difficult to move the needle with your health in a meaningful way.

What about my social life?

The social life quandary is what holds most guys back from doing something. That’s why we’ve devoted a series of quick hitting videos on rocking your social life without drinking.

When you have the balls to take a Vacation, in our experience, you can expect some initial shit-talking from your buddies…followed by heaps of respect as you stick to your Vacation and start seeing some huge wins.

Wait a sec…why is this free?

No, we’re not selling your data. And hopping aboard won’t turn into annoying upsells or a giant infomercial.

At Booze Vacation HQ, we just want to see a million guys take a break and revolutionize their lives. It’s free because we want to make it easy for as many guys as possible to join the party.

Right now, we make money through custom, 1:1 Vacation Coaching with Clifford. Guys that do that are seeing ridiculous improvements in their health and performance.

Soon, as the Booze Vacation movement grows, we might help fund it with things like trusted affiliate partnerships, ads, or swag. But stuff like that is down the road.

Right now, we just want to see more dudes kick ass for longer because they took a Booze Vacation. You in?

How do I know how long my Vacation should be?

It all depends on your goals and motivations, my friend.

A 3-month Vacation is perfect for the guy who wants to do something to test the Vacation waters and start getting smarter with his alcohol use.

A 6-month Vacation is perfect for the guy who has a big milestone event in the next six months or so — and wants to stack the deck to crush his goals.

A 12-month Vacation is perfect for the guy who wants maximum results. Period. If you have the balls to go for it, the sky’s the limit, dude.

When is the best time to take a Vacation?

It’s mission-critical to do something to start getting smarter with your drinking today.

But maybe a better question to ask is: When do you want to start looking and feeling better…and stop rolling the dice with your health?

The clock is ticking. If you’re over 30 and have been drinking for years, you’ve got a limited time before your recreational, semi-responsible drinking catches up with you and you start becoming besties with your doctor and pharmacist.

Make your life look like what the beer commercials promise but can never deliver.

Have more fun. Drop the pounds. Boost your testosterone. Find more success.

Get more out of life by going on a Booze Vacation.