Ready to take a break from booze?

That’s great to hear. We’re stoked for you.

But taking a Booze Vacation is about a lot more than just “not drinking.” 

It’s about giving your brain and body the space to heal from the regular, semi-responsible drinking over the years. It’s also about taking massive action to really upgrade your life.

To make sure you’re going to get the most out of your break, we’ve bundled some of our most helpful content together into the Booze Vacation 6-Pack. 

The 6-pack includes everything you’ll need to know to take a successful self-guided break. You’ll learn things like :



How long your Booze Vacation should be (short answer–it depends)


Why a break is critical for your future health and happiness


What to expect physically, mentally, and socially during your break


Practical ways to upgrade critical areas of your life


How to have fun at social events without drinking


How to survive the first 3 weeks (they’re the hardest)

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Toss in a bit of coin.
$27 to be precise…
the cost of three tasty pints at the bar

Come out the other side happier, healthier, and refreshed.

Wait, this costs money!?!?

Yes. Ponying up says you’re serious. For less than one night’s bar tab, you can get instant access to what you need to launch out on a successful break from booze.

It’s time to have a blast as you upgrade your life.

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