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Let’s be real–if you’re here, you’ve probably heard us talk enough trash about booze.

So we’ll get straight to the point:
You’ll have a lot more success on your vacation by working with someone who has been there, done that.
Heck, your coach will be the guy that founded this thing.

Get 1-on-1 Insights That Will Help You Rock Your Booze Vacation

Two Ways to Get Clifford in Your Corner

Coaching Option #1: 50-Minute Breakthrough Call

One call + 1 quick follow up for $327

If you need one last push to commit to a Vacation or if you have specific questions around maximizing your time off the sauce, this call is for you.

Coaching Option #2 - Vacation Launch Coaching

4 sessions + quick check-ins: $1,047

Starting your Vacation is the hardest part. Our calls will help you get set up for success and navigate the challenges in the first few weeks of your break.

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Our Coaching is Based on Our Proprietary SMARTer Alcohol Use Methodology

Start with Self-Awareness

See clearly how alcohol affects you.

Make a Decision

Commit to taking a break from drinking.

Accomplish Big Goals

Find massive success on your break.

Restore Your Health

Lose weight and heal your body.

Transform Your Life

Not drinking is leverage for upgrading our lives.

“By my mid-40s, I realized my regular drinking was setting me on a path to be besties with my doctor and pharmacist. After a year off from drinking revolutionized my health, I founded Booze Vacation to help more guys see through the bullsh#t around alcohol that holds them back—and show them how to take a break and find incredible levels of success.”

-Clifford Stephan, Chief Vacation Officer

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