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Get Your “You vs. Booze” PhD

Regular drinking holds you back in your daily quality of life and long-term health.

But most guys never learn how deep that rabbit hole goes. With the 20-Minute “You vs. Booze” PhD, you’ll discover in a hurry exactly what’s going on with you and booze—and what you can do to change that.

Start a Quick Win Challenge

Small actions add up to make a big difference over time. You can’t unsee this sh*t.

Each of the 1-Week Quick Wins are built around simple, practical things you can do to start getting smarter with your drinking fast. Get ready to test yourself mentally and physically by tackling one thing, one week at a time.

Launch Out on a Booze Vacation

The best way to make a difference in your drinking is to take a 3-12 month Vacation.

It takes 2-6+ months off the sauce for your brain and body to reset after years of recreational drinking. But you don’t have to pull off a big move like that on your own. Booze Vacation HQ and the guys in our community will show you how.

Some Frequently Slurred Asked Questions


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Who is Booze Vacation for?

Booze Vacation is for guys who drink regularly but see the benefit of getting smarter with their drinking long-term.

It’s especially powerful for guys in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who want to improve their personal and professional performance—and avoid chronic health issues before it’s too late.

(Note: We’re not for alcoholics. If you need to go to AA or get professional help, please do so.)

What are some signs I need a Vacation?

Recreational drinking affects your body in interconnected ways, so if you’re drinking regularly and experiencing at least a couple of these things, taking a Vacation will help a lot:

  • You’re overweight
  • Aches and pains are popping up
  • You get bad blood work back
  • Regularly feel moderate to high stress
  • Poor sleep
  • Low energy
  • Drink lots of coffee
  • Looking and feeling your age
  • You’re on prescriptions
  • Your fitness and strength is starting to dip,
  • Beer belly
  • Man boobs
  • B*ner problems
  • Bad or puffy skin…

just to name a few 😉

Why can’t I just cut back and work out more?

Cutting back just doesn’t cut it. Even if you are drinking a bit less, regular drinking will still be negatively affecting your sleep, energy, performance, stress, and testosterone levels.

Worse, working out more won’t do anything to alter how alcohol screws with your physiology. Until you take a Vacation and reset your system, it’s going to be very difficult to move the needle with your health in a meaningful way.

What if I’m not ready for an extended break?

Totally get it. That’s why we have quicker ways to take action, too.

1. Take our 20-Minute “You & Booze” Phd to get crystal clear on how recreational drinking is affecting you.

2. Complete some 1-Week Quick Win Challenges to stack some quick wins and start seeing how beneficial a longer Vacation will be.

What about my social life?

The social life quandary is what holds most guys back from doing something. That’s why we’ve devoted a series of quick hitting videos on rocking your social life without drinking.

When you have the balls to take a Vacation, in our experience, you can expect some initial shit-talking from your buddies…followed by heaps of respect as you stick to your Vacation and start seeing some huge wins.

When is the best time to take a Vacation?

It’s mission-critical to do something to start getting smarter with your drinking today.

But maybe a better question to ask is: When do you want to start looking and feeling better…and stop rolling the dice with your health?

The clock is ticking. If you’re over 30 and have been drinking for years, you’ve got a limited time before your recreational, semi-responsible drinking catches up with you and you start becoming besties with your doctor and pharmacist.