Get Ready To Massively Upgrade Your Life

Too many dudes fly blind when they try to take a break from drinking.

With the Booze Vacation 6-Pack, you’ll have a proven game plan for your break–and be sure to have a blast along the way.

Note: Booze Vacation is for driven men who want to find more success in life. It is not for alcoholics or problem drinkers. If you have a drinking problem, please contact your local AA group.

Learn Vacation Survival Skills

Kick a Lot More Ass

Become a Booze-Free Jedi

Succeeding on Your Booze Vacation is a BIG Friggin’ Deal

A lot is riding on this break from booze that you’re thinking about.

Your mission is critical–kick your recreational, semi-responsible drinking to the curb for a while.

The stakes couldn’t be higher–your health and happiness are on the line.

The results will be mind blowing–you’ll be better, stronger, and sharper than you’ve been in years.

But danger lurks at every turn. Friends will give you $hi%! Parties might get awkward. A cold beer will never sound half bad…

To truly rock your break and reap the rewards that come with it, you’ll need a swagger that will set the world at ease.

But first, you better be prepared for what in the hell you’re doing.

Set Yourself Up to Rock Your Break With the Booze Vacation 6-Pack

Stop being comfortably numb (& dumb)

Most guys prefer excuses and ignorance when it comes to them and knocking back a few cold ones. But that’s no longer you, my friend. Motivation to sustain your break–and smarter alcohol use once you’re done–starts and ends with knowing what you’re up against. You’ll get a crash-course PhD on you and booze so you can rise to the top of the class and kick way more ass.

Be prepared to win

Navigating life without alcohol for a bit can feel insurmountable. How do I get started?  What do I say when someone offers me a drink?  Should I join a monastery instead?  (Wait, monks brew beer….) These are all normal thoughts to rumble through a dude’s head before a break–and ones you need to confidently confront before you begin. With your 6-Pack in hand, you’ll be a man with a plan and ready for anything that comes your way.

Get after it

The purpose of your Booze Vacation isn’t to not drink–it’s to massively upgrade your life. When you hit the pause button on drinking, you deserve to be able to take full advantage of the extra time, money, and energy you’ll have. The 6-Pack will show you simple ways to leverage your break to boost your health, find more success, and have a ton of fun on a truly kickass Vacation.

Nothing should hold you back from living a kick-ass life.

Not even booze.

Here at Booze Vacation HQ, we didn’t want to see lame excuses or fear of the unknown stop our fellow bros from taking a totally game-changing booze vacation.

So we brewed up six ice-cold, easy-drinking digital assets–ready for guys to grab when they are ready to commit to a break and revolutionize their lives.

You Won’t Need Liquid Courage When You Have This in Your Hands

Introducing the Booze Vacation 6-Pack


The Booze Vacation 6-Pack is specifically designed to give you the tools and confidence you need for rocking your break from booze.

When you buy yours, you’ll:


Get super-motivated once you see how booze has been bamboozling you, even though you don’t technically have an alcohol problem


Better understand how booze has been keeping those unwanted pounds around, trashing your sleep, and tanking your motivation….and how your break will fix that


Get pumped when you decide how long your break will be because you know you’re going to crush your goals


Know what to do when your buddies offer you a beer..or give you s#it


Be prepared with a rock solid plan if you fall off the wagon


Feel buzzed about all the fun things you can do on your break


Have dozens of simple, practical tips to improve your diet, sleep, mindset, fitness, and more.


Learn how to take actions now that will save you hundreds of thousands on big medical bills later.


Leverage the money you’re currently spending on alcohol to have the time of your life

What’s Inside the Booze Vacation 6-Pack

The 6-Pack is a genuine variety pack of hard-hitting videos and super-actionable workbooks, checklists, and other digital assets–all designed for you to maximize the success of your break.

Vacation Workbook – The 6-Pack Travel Guide

Looking for a step-by-step plan? Consider this your playbook on how to absolutely crush your booze vacation. Full of practical insights, checklists and worksheets, and vacation-saving tips, the Travel Guide is where it’s at.

Video #1 – You Don’t Have An Alcohol “Problem” (But Alcohol Is Causing You Big Problems)

To succeed on your break, you need to be crystal clear about what you’re up against. It’s time to take off your beer goggles for good, my friend, and get clear on how regular, somewhat-responsible drinking is screwing you out of the kick-ass life you deserve.

The 21-Day Survival Handbook

It can take a few weeks to get your sea legs while you’re on your booze vacation. So we compiled 21 of our best mindset hacks and practical tips for you to quickly reference and renew your motivation on a rough day.

Video #2 – How To Succeed on Your Vacation

To find the massive success you’re looking for on your break, you’ve got to be ready to get out of just about any jam you might encounter. This video tackles how to get ready for your break…with a special emphasis on navigating social events with a non-alcoholic drink in your hand.

Diet & Lifestyle Overhaul Toolkit

For years, knocking back a few cold ones has trashed your sleep, diet, and energy levels. These hard-hitting checklists will empower you to make simple, practical changes that will drastically improve your quality of life.

Video #3 – Not Drinking…Now What?

Taking a break isn’t a buzzkill–it’s actually the giant life hack that helps you have it all. You’ll want to take full advantage of the extra time, money, and energy you’ll have while you’re on your booze vacation. This video will show you how to leverage those things to truly rock your break.

But wait, there’s more…

So you can throw even more gasoline on your fire, we’ve thrown in a few extras:

BONUS: The Booze Vacation Credo

When you’re doing something disruptive and counter-cultural, you need to know why you’re doing it. The Credo is ten points of two-hundred proof motivation.

BONUS: 6-Pack Community Access

Life is more fun when you’re doing it with fellow bros. So we’ve temporarily reserved a special corner of our membership platform for you and other dudes with the 6-Pack.


BONUS: Email Motivation & Support

Buying something online and not doing much with it sucks. You’ll get regular emails that help you get ready for your vacation–and keep you motivated to rock it.

Best yet, with the 6-Pack, you’ll be ready to rock your break for less than one night’s bar tab: just $47.

Grab The No-BS, 200-Proof Insights You Need to Rock Your Booze Vacation

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Drink! Drink! Drink!

The content, that is. Chug-a-lug!

Rock Your Break

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Frequently Asked Questions


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Who is the 6-Pack for?

The 6-Pack is for the driven, the bold, the risk-takers, the money-makers, the history-changers. (That list may sound over-the-top, but if you’ve accomplished a lot already and know you are just getting started by committing to a booze vacation, then that’s you my friend).

Who isn’t it for?
All of our Booze Vacation programs are designed for guys who drink regularly but don’t have an alcohol problem. If you’re a problem drinker or an alcoholic, you might be attracted to the positive vibes emanating from our material, but please pursue AA or some sort of rehab.
How much time will it take to consume the 6-Pack content?
The videos total just under 30 minutes, and the written content is designed for you to use as-needed. As you’re starting your break, though, we’d recommend spending about an hour going through the Travel Guide workbook to really set yourself up for success.
How will I access the material?

The 6-Pack is hosted on the platform our upcoming membership community is being built on (LifeLab Studios). Once you buy the 6-Pack, we will send you an email with instructions to access the 6-Pack content and join the 6-Pack-specific community.

Is there a version of the 6-Pack available for the ladies, too?
We know that taking a break can be a game-changer for everyone, not just our fellow bros. So if you’re a gal that can put up with some bro-style sh*t talking about booze, grab yourself a 6-Pack and have a killer break.
What if I want additional coaching or support?
The 6-Pack is a choose-your-own adventure sort of thing. We are in the process of creating a kick-ass membership community and a one-on-one coaching option for dudes who are serious about upgrading their lives. When those are live, you’ll be among the first to know.
What if I’m just thinking about taking a booze vacation and am not ready to commit?
The 6-Pack is designed to help you get really clear on why taking an extended break from booze matters–and what to do when you’re on one. By grabbing yours, you’ll be giving yourself a double shot of motivation and the tools you need to enjoy your break when you’re ready.

Get Buzzed on Life With The Best 6-Pack Money Can Buy

(No Hangover Necessary.)

When you grab your Booze Vacation 6-Pack Today, you’ll be getting:


3 Power-Packed Videos


A Step-by-Step Plan to Rock your Break


Kick-ass Worksheets and Checklists


Motivational Material for Hard Days


Booze Vacation Community Access


Ongoing Email Support on Your Break


And more….

Don’t put off the thing you know you need to do.

You deserve to be a healthier, happier you. 

Get Your 6-Pack Today