Nothing should keep guys from living Kick-Ass lives.

Not even booze.

Alcohol is everywhere, and it’s never been cooler.

New craft breweries are popping up on every corner. Celebrities are investing in high-end spirits. The tequila shortage is real.

Heck, even kids’ birthday parties are an excuse to drink these days.

Meanwhile, the effects of all this recreational drinking are clobbering us dudes…and we don’t even realize it.

We have crappy sleep, and we blame our stress.

We’re feeling stressed at work, and we blame our boss.

We get back bad blood work, and we blame it on getting older.

We can’t kick the extra pounds, and we blame it on our schedules.

It never crosses our minds that our regular, semi-responsible drinking could be to blame.

(News flash–it is.)

Booze Vacation is calling BS on business as usual with booze.

Regular drinking at “socially acceptable” levels is getting in the way of more of us kicking-ass for longer.

We’ve had enough. We think every dude deserves the chance to take off his beer goggles so he can smash through incredible levels of personal and professional success:


To look and feel better in their 40s and 50s than in their 20s.


To be more present and engaged with their families and communities.


To have more calm and collected days, and more restful enjoyable nights.


To ditch the weight, improve their bloodwork, and overhaul their health


To make more money, more of a difference, and have a hell of a lot more fun in the process.

All of this and more can happen when a guy takes an extended break from drinking.

That’s why we’re talking a lot of sh#t about dudes and booze–because we need to be educated on what’s really going on.

And that’s why we are creating fun and practical ways to help guys successfully take a break and upgrade their lives.

Booze Vacation isn’t about pushing sobriety or pointing fingers. F that.

It’s about upgrading your life. For good.

Clifford Stephan

Founder & Chief Vacation Officer

“By my mid-40s, I realized my regular, semi-responsible drinking was setting me on a path to being besties with my doctor and pharmacist. I didn’t want my compounding health issues to steal everything I’d worked so hard for. So I did the unthinkable. I took a year-long break from booze.

That year off reset my body–and my relationship with booze. It also made me really not cool with all the bulls#!t around alcohol that keeps us dudes stuck in mediocrity. So I founded Booze Vacation to help more guys take a break and find incredible levels of success.”


Founder of OneCompensation, a successful Bay Area consulting firm


Lifelong passion for health & Degree in Nutritional Science (Cal Poly SLO)


Completed over a dozen long-course triathlons


Determined to kick ass and take names into his 80s and beyond

Advisory Board

“I support Booze Vacation’s approach to bringing awareness to some of the potential harms of alcohol use and encouraging a reduction in consumption for wellness and a healthier lifestyle.”

Dr. Sarah Johnson
Board-certified Addiction Psychiatrist

“I appreciate Booze Vacation's ability to encourage healthier habits and reduce the consumption of alcohol in a practical, fun and engaging way.”

Dr. Wesley Greenwood
Medical Doctor – Family Practice

“Maintaining healthy diet and lifestyle habits can be a challenge for men who find themselves with a work hard, play hard mentality. Booze Vacation is bringing awareness and some fun around important habits for maintaining metabolic health and sustained high performance.”

Dr. Benjamin Bjerke
Medical Doctor – Orthopedic Surgeon

Booze Vacation’s Approach is Simple, Direct, and No-Nonsense

Get educated on what booze is really doing to you.

Take an extended break to reset your mind and body.

Use your Booze Vacation as leverage for more success.

Take a Break. Upgrade Your Life. Kick More A$$.

It’s that Simple.